Samskara After Dark:
Presented by Visual Reality
January 18 & 19
$59 – $710
Wisdome Immersive Art Park
Step through the portal and into the world of MULTIVERSE - a new event series presented by Visual Reality and Samskara After Dark

MULTIVERSE explores a variety of creative, auditory, visual, and transformative art forms that are masterfully curated to inspire wonder, expand creativity, and enhance perceptions. Find yourself getting lost in a zero point of consciousness expanding performances and experiences.

Whether it's live performances, sound healing, virtual reality, or immersive art; there's truly something for everyone in the MULTIVERSE. Seeing is believing in this new world of infinite possibilities. Meet old and new friends alike as we gather for this adventure through space and time at the one-of-a-kind WISDOME LA.

Wisdome LA is a new 35,000-square-foot art park that features five massive domes. Three of these domes feature immersive 360-degree projection mapping technology with surround sound. Explore infinite new realities together in this unique shared VR theater.

  • Two Nights / Five Massive Domes / Multiple Realities / Infinite Possibilities
  • Mindblowing 360 Visuals / Live Performances / Sound Healing / Community
  • Visionary VR Voyages / Audio/Visual Adventures / Multi-Sensory Meditation
  • Augmented Visions AR Art Gallery / Samskara Exhibition by Android Jones
Choose your own adventure:

- SAMSKARA Fulldome Projection Mapping Show, Android Jones Art Exhibition, and Microdose VR Interactive Demonstrations

- Stunning Fulldome Audio/Visual Live Performances by:

Live 360 Audio Reactive Fulldome Visual Projections by Michael Strauss Visuals

Multi-Sensory Meditations in the Visual Reality 360 Visual Soundbath Dome

Visionary Fulldome short films by Ben Ridgway, Luminokaya, Vinyl Williams, and more

Transcendent VR gallery curated by Visual Reality: Open your eyes to a full spectrum of immersive art, multi-sensory meditations, and interactive experiences. Discover new realities in our continuously evolving collection of groundbreaking projects created by our collective of interdimensional artists, audio alchemists, and digital wizards.

"Augmented Visions" AR Art Gallery: Visual Reality's augmented art showcase demonstrates new forms of expression using projection mapping and AR apps. Witness unbounded creativity as canvases spring forth with color, animation, and sound effects. You will see visionary art in a new way as it comes alive before your eyes!


MULTIVERSE is a special edition of SAMSKARA AFTER DARK presented by VISUAL REALITY.

SAMSKARA AFTER DARK a series of events showcasing unique psychedelic music, art, and creativity at Wisdome LA. Guests are invited to explore the Android Jones Samskara exhibition during the day, and in the evening the space becomes a fully activated festival with live performances and interactive experiences.

Jan 18, 2019 7:00 PM
Jan 19, 2019 7:00 PM
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